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. Episodic Curiosity through Reachability. ICLR 2019, 2018.

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. Conditional Affordance Learning for Driving in Urban Environments. CoRL 2018, 2018.

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. Semi-parametric Topological Memory for Navigation. ICLR 2018, 2018.

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. A new Large-scale Point Cloud Classification Benchmark. Arxiv, 2017.

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. Quad-networks: unsupervised learning to rank for interest point detection. CVPR 2017, 2017.

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. TI-POOLING: transformation-invariant pooling for feature learning in Convolutional Neural Networks. CVPR 2016, 2016.

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. Discrete Optimization of Ray Potentials for Semantic 3D Reconstruction. CVPR 2015, 2015.

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. Class Specific 3D Object Shape Priors Using Surface Normals. CVPR 2014, 2014.